Friday, September 16, 2011

Men of Style: Arjun Rampal

Arjun Rampal. The name instantly translates into the God of Fashion in the country.
He is one of the fewBollywood actors who spell fashion and class whenever they make an appearance. From the day Rampal started his foray into the limelight he has had an unmistakable streak of fashion-forwardness which has elevated his status amongst the style conscious.
We try to decipher what exactly makes this half-Dutch/half-Sikh man oh-so-desirable and a true blue 'man of style'.

Style Evolution

Rampal was just a normal college going boy before he was spotted by ace designer Rohit Bal discovered him in a Delhi discotheque. His style statement has evolved a lot since the time he started out. The flamboyant look has given way to a more sleek and sophisticated dress sense today. However, the nonchalance and casual-cool quotient have stayed on for this rocker.

Wardrobe Basics

The staple in Arjun Rampal has always been denims. Simple T-shirts would probably come a close second since he absolutely dotes on casual wear. He also sports formal blazers and crisp shirts, with denims of course, quite often. However according to Rampal himself, his underwear is the most important part of his wardrobe.

Top Fashion Moment

Our pick would be the time when he was picked by Giorgio Armani to be their brand ambassador in the Indian subcontinent owing to his knowledge of fashion and global presence.

Trademark Style

The one thing that Arjun Rampal has come back to time and again, and is identified with, is his long-ish mane. His shoulder length hairstyle has won him many followers.

Best Feature

Rampal's deep throaty voice wins hands down in terms of the best feature he possesses.

Hair Story

Arjun Rampal's hair has always been pretty close to his heart. During his modelling days, he had an easy-to-maintain crew cut while he sports long hair at present. He also sported spikes at one point– a look he totally rocked. The super long locks that he had for the role of a troubled guitarist in the film 'Rock On' drew him a lot of compliments as the hairstyle suited him and the role perfectly.

Style Mentor

Rampal's style mentor is most definitely Rohit Bal as it was him who discovered Rampal. The designer considers Rampal his muse till today and Rampal walks the ramp for him more than often as a gesture of love and loyalty.

In terms of style, personality and intelligence, Arjun Rampal always strikes the perfect chord. The man defines style in comfort and vice versa. Also, Rampal never comes across as one who gets his fashion statement right without trying too hard unlike many of his Bollywood counterparts. Right from his modelling days, to the present, Rampal has always been the ultimate style icon of the country, which is why everybody (us included) loves him!
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