Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Latest Hair do 11-06-14

Sam blonde ombre with soft curls....
n very light blonde statement bangs for contrast

Thursday, April 18, 2013

The 5 Rules Of Perfect Eyebrows

1. Never tweeze angry.
Whether you’re mad or bored and just looking for something to do, you should never take it out on your eyebrows. Focus that beauty energy elsewhere, and take a pumice to your much-neglected heels.

2. Stock your brow kit.
Always have a brow pencil to draw in your ideal shape, brow powder to fill in bald patches, and gel to set them. Try Anastasia’s All In One Brow Kit ($85,

3. Treat brow color like hair color.
When it comes to color, eyebrow hair is just like regular hair. There is top and undertone to consider. Try on different brow powders in the store and see how your brow shade complements your hair and skin tone.

4. Don’t cut yourself (or your brows) short.
Many people think brows should end in line with their irises. Instead, Anastasia says they should extend to follow the brow bone. If you’re like me and find that your brow tails are no longer growing back, try a growth serum, like Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Enhancing Serum ($98,

5. Know where to start shaping.
The easiest way to decide where to start shaping is to place your thumb on the nose bridge and mark both sides with an eyebrow pencil.

Saturday, March 23, 2013


Healthy, soft and radiant skin starts from the inside out. Every day, drink many litres of filtered water, eat mounds of raw vegetables and incorporate plenty of essential fatty acids into our diet, such as flax, hemp and an array of antioxidant seed oils in my protein shakes and salad dressings.
The skin is the largest eliminative organ and contrary to conventional belief, much of what goes on your skin can be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Many skincare products are chemically based or modified. When purchasing a commercial moisturizer, avoid products with words listed on the ingredient panel you can’t pronounce such as petroleum by-products, artificial colours or fragrances. Real creams with natural and essential oils are concentrated and therefore, preferred over most lotions.
Also, be sure to choose the right skincare products for your skin type. If you have normal skin, your skin will have a clear, fine textured, supple and smooth surface that is neither greasy nor dry. It glows with an inner health that stems from good blood circulation and excellent health. If you have dry skin, your parched look is caused by your skin’s inability to retain moisture.
Dry skin is fine-textured and is prone to wrinkles and chapping. Dry skin is more difficult to moisturize in cold weather. If you have oily skin, you probably have coarse pores and pimples, and your skin will look greasy. For excessively oily skin, consume a diet rich in high quality proteins but restricted in chemically altered fats, sodium and fluids with added sugar.
The best way look before retiring to bed your skin complexion is to keep it absolutely clean. For a light make-up, wash with warm water and cleanser should be enough.
Accumulation of dust and dirt are complexion enemies. If they are allowed to stay on the face during the long night-hours, your skin would not be able to breathe. So the best way to look after care your complexion is to keep it absolutely clean. For a light make-up, wash with warm water and soap should be enough. For removal of heavy make-up, use a cosmetic cleanser first and then wash with warm water.
After washing, wipe your face with cotton to see if any dirt comes off on it or not. After cleaning your face thoroughly, go through the toning and nourishing routine. Toning makes the skin cool, fresh and ready to absorb night cream. A skin tonic or astringent should be applied with cotton wool all over the face and throat and should be left on to dry.
Now to keep the complexion in good condition, rub the skin with night cream with your finger-tips. You can use a baby lotion instead. Massage with your finger-tips with up ward motions from the throat towards the face.
Now your complexion care routine is complete for the night. They say, eyes are the windows of your soul. Whether it is true or not, they definitely reveal your health. If your eyes are puffy with dark shadows, it shows you are not getting enough sleep. Too much strain on your eyes or sickness takes away some of the beauty and brightness of your eyes.
Get a professional to take care of your skin once a month by pampering your skin with essential oils n rejuveniting creams...Get A Facial Done!!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Bad hair day?

So, I know we all have those days when we can’t quite figure out what to do with our sometimes, unruly locks. No need to worry because with this quick and easy look, you’ll be ready in no time!
For those of you that don’t already know, I give you the Sock Bun
What you need:
2 hair-ties (I only use 1)
a few bobby pins (depending on the length and texture of your hair)
1 sock (preferably a color close to your hair color)
First you want to cut the tip off your sock.
Then start at one end of the sock and roll down the edges until you reach the other end of your sock so you end up with a doughnut.
Now, for this look, you want to decide how you want to wear your bun. You can wear it up high, for a more high fashion look or you can wear it low, for a more conservative, chiclook. You can also have your hair all slicked back or parted on the side, whatever you feel like that day.
Now put your ponytail where you want it and grab your sock doughnut! Pull your ponytail through the center of the sock doughnut and hold the doughnut at the ends of your ponytail. Tucking the ends around the doughnut, slowly roll the doughnut down, rolling your hair down with it, all the way to your head.
If needed, wrap around another hair-tie around your bun and secure to your head with bobby pins.
VoilĂ ! You have an easy, super quick chic look in no time!

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Men of Style: Kunal Kapoor

There's no other actor who defines tall dark and handsome as well as Kunal Kapoor does.
With easy charm and quiet demeanor, Kunal has gradually emerged as one of the leading style icons of the country. While the models-turned-actors are considered to be the fashion-forward ones in the country, Kunal is one of the very few Bollywood actors, who create trends and not follow them.
Here are certain aspects which make him a man of style.

Style Evolution

Kunal Kapoor hasn't been one who goes around the fashion scene blindly aping the latest designs like many other actors. Rather, Kunal has emerged to be one of the main players in fashion owing to his individual but subtle way of dressing. Kapoor is becoming more and more fashion forward by experimenting with, not only his outfits but also his look.

Wardrobe Basics

For Kunal, his wardrobe basics include well fitted pair of jeans, crisp shirts and linen jackets as he is almost always seen sporting them.

Top Fashion Moment

For us, Kunal's biggest fashion moment has to be stepping out in his flying uniform. Kunal, who is now a licensed pilot, re-defines style as we don't think any pilot has ever looked better in his uniform.

Trademark Style

Kunal's trademark style has always been simple and elegant. His dress sense is age-appropriate and hence very sober but, Kunal makes sure that his outfits always spell fashion!

Best Feature

Kunal's best feature is his excruciatingly cute smile. His smile gives way to the softie he is inside, rather than what his rugged look suggests.

Hair Story

Kunal has proudly flaunted his long mane ever since his arrival in B-town He maintained that hairstyle is the most important part of a man's style and made sure he paid minute attention to it. However, he has chopped off his famous locks for the movie 'Don 2' and we have to say he couldn't look hotter.

Style Mentor

Kunal does not rely on designers to perfect his style. In fact, he himself, laughingly says that he rarely looks good in designer wear and carries off the street-chic much better.

From the shy looking guy-next-door to a prominent face in fashion, Kunal Kapor's growth has been immense. He has re-invented himself over the years and is rightly one of the most stylish men of the country.
Source: Mensxp

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